Sleeping Knights

Our bittersweet memories together

An aspiring guild aiming to create memories together

An emerging guild focusing on gaming, japanese pop culture and creativity.

Founded in 2019, Sleeping Knights retains a strong bond of trust and friendship among their members.

A display of

Progressive Teamwork

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Guild Showcase

Remarkable memories created by our members

Arts & Media

Our creative members invest their effort in producing logos, artworks and their own media.


We code and host our own Discord™ bot for our server staff and members to use freely.


We share a lot of interest together among members, be it gaming, anime, music or Vtubers.

Our factions

Where we part ways for the better

A faction focusing around courage and bravery

A faction focusing around balance and harmony

Our staff

Meet the prominent members of our guild

“ Sleeping Knights wasn't my first attempt. But it's always what I've been working on, and it's what I'll continue to work on. ”
“ It's always been an enjoyable time. So, I'm grateful to you for your dedication and patience which made this real. ”

Let's create memory with us together

Our Discordâ„¢ server is a great place to start.