Alternate Accounts & Us

Hi again, everyone at Sleeping Knights!

Thanks to overwhelming support and recognition we’ve received, our clan now has 10 members in total (That’s 2 more before hitting the members limit!). Shoutout to all the members who have decided to join our ranks and stay with us for this long.

You might have noticed recently, during the beta test period of Project UberKill that there has been an influx of multiple account creations of the same user for the game. Although our clan has no rule saying that alts are not allowed, I feel like I have to elaborate more on the issue. Let’s go over the (possible) problems we’re facing first.

Firstly, alts reduce clan activities. Although being active was never part of our goal (since Sleeping Knights was fictionally a guild for the terminally-ill anyway), we’ve always wanted every member to be unique, participative and supportive. Alts mean a person has to divide their playtime into two or more accounts, which eventually mean one will always end up having more activity than the other. This makes it difficult for us to establish better communication with the members who have their attention divided into multiple accounts (oof)

And then, we also discourage our members from joining multiple clans due to possible clan loyalty issue that might arise in the future (of course, it’s the other clan we’re worried about). We value our genuine members and having your alts inside our clan more often and not only fills up spots. Since the game still has the 12 members limit for clans, we’re scared we might not have enough room for our soon-to-be future lurking members. orz

Due to this and the fact the we lack alternative point of contact to our members (other that the game itself), future recruitments will now require you to provide your Steam account as an alternative point of contact. For the existing members, I will gradually ask for everyone in SK to join our Steam Group. I’ve also integrated the Steam OpenID function in our site registration for better registration experience. This will link your WordPress account for this site with your Steam account.

This might seem like a hassle, having to include your Steam account just to join our clan isn’t it? But truthfully we’ve been observing that since our members aren’t exactly known to be active, we’re afraid one or more members might take a very long break from the game in the future and we have no way to contact them and know what’s happening and if they still want to be recognized as part of the clan.

Overall, I’m still happy to say that our clan still somehow managed to gain this many members despite our average participation and performance. Thanks for supporting us, everyone!

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