Azur Turbulence + Review


War never changes, in any era.

Sleeping Knights ventured out to the deep blue sea, under clear blue sky spreading across the horizon. Commander, this is Azur Lane.

This is a naval-themed side-scrolling shoot ’em up / bullet hell mobile gacha game published by Shanghai Yostar Co., Ltd in 2017. Players take action as a “commander” fending off ocean surface against mysterious hostile forces, the “Sirens”. Spread through multiple nations such as Eagle Union and Sakura Empire, commanders take control of their “shipgirls” by sortieing into battles, in a 2D bullet hell style gameplay and altogether strengthening their naval base through various upgrades and resources.

Of course, with extra fanservice and gacha elements.


Guild Information:


In-game Server: Lexington*
Name: Serene Garden
Fleet ID: 134226668
Faction: Azur Lane
Objective: Casual


*Lexington server based on EN release of the game.
Note that players in different servers cannot join guilds nor interact with each other within the game.


Short Review:


  • Gacha Elements

In terms of straight up gacha elements, I find it hard not to recommend this game due to how friendly it is in the resource department. Having a few friends who play other games in the gacha market, I do feel grateful that the game doesn’t really force me to dedicate and invest my time into the game to increase my progress. It gets even better due to the frequency of events being added into the game and ocassional gifts from the staff team. Play this during your free time or once in a blue moon, dedicate your entire life to it or just play for the sake of waifu, you’ll find your own pace.

In a world where mobile games are simply designed to make profit, it’s certainly worth a try.


  • Arts, Animation and Technicals

I find it easy for everyone to find at least a character design they like in currently over 300 ships they have. Whether you’re into yukata, german-style outfits or simply cute little girls (you do you), there’s always something for everyone to like, albeit with some of the arts being a bit too suggestive (lewds). Some of the Live2D animations are very well done, and during my one year playtime I have yet to experience any permanent game-breaking bugs that could severely ruin my experience.

I’m not kidding, there’s even a time when a bug that lets you zoom into your ship was turned into a feature by the developer due the requests from their players!


  • Where it falls short

If you want to play the game just for its story, I don’t think Azur Lane does great at that particular area. The plot isn’t the most-structured, and the cutscenes don’t really connect to each other well. Due to the major-fanservice and forgiving nature of the game, if you try to get into their community circles, you’ll find that the quality of the playerbase is a bit underwhelming compared to other gacha competitors. You’ll find low-quality and sometimes straight up mean comments on ships inside the game, and the Yostar team doesn’t seem to really care about it. Their support email is a bit slow (they took 2 days to respond to my email) but their Discord staff seem to be active. The overly-suggestive arts can also be a turnoff for some people. The majority of 1-star reviews from the app store also comes from people who lost their progress due to forgetting to bind the game to their social account, and I feel like that’s still an area they could improve on.

But honestly speaking, if you can look past these somewhat nitpicky flaws, the game is pretty great even to lighthearted players like me.


  • Final Thoughts

I feel like Azur Lane is just the correct title for fans to weeb out on. It’s a gacha game that can be enjoyed by even the most casual player, and if you’re willing to spend some money, this is one of the most rewarding experience I’ve seen in a gacha title for your money’s worth. As someone who have invested both time and money into the game, I can still see myself supporting the Yostar team in the future for creating such an adorable title that I can get my lazy butt into.

Trust me, I’ve been wanting to play KanColle for so long but the whole registration process and having to deal with browser extension always turn me off.

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