Moving On

Hey everyone! It truly has been a while since our last announcement.

Our months and years of effort spent in UberStrike has nothing short of being bittersweet. Lots of fun moments, lots of banter, and although I wouldn’t exactly say everything went smooth, in the end, all of us had a lot of fun together. Thanks to everyone at UberKill Discord again for their overwhelming effort put into reviving the game. It truly lived its life just like the old days.

Unfortunately, today marks the day where us, staff of Sleeping Knights, have decided to move on to our next big thing. We will be migrating our guild outside of the game to explore the possibilities we have yet to experience in the online world. This sadly means that we’ll be no longer active, and lose contact to some of those we met in-game.

We simply thought, our time has come for us to finally bid farewell to UberStrike. Despite the game being revived and improved to be even better than what it used to be, a lot of the veteran players we knew from our good ol’ days simply never returned. We felt like we no longer fit in with this new generation of UberKill players in light of recent events, and due to some of us unable to spend much time into being involved in the game, our leave is simply inevitable.

Of course, you might still see some of our members in game during rare occasions, and that’s totally fine! Someday we might feel like giving the game another try just to see how everyone’s doing, or maybe our clan wouldn’t even look like we retired at all. After all, it’s not like we’re announcing we’re dead or something. (though it might as well look like it)

All and all, we’re still happy we get to play UberStrike before and after its sunset. It’s truly a remarkable journey we will forever cherish. Someday in the distant future of gaming world, we would definitely see ourselves telling our future friends this one Facebook shooting game we used to play back when we had a square monitor, no joke.

Peace to everyone in UberStrike and UberKill. Over and out!

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