The Last of Us

Lightning Flash Asuna, reporting in!

Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received at UberKill Discord community, we’ve now reached the maximum number of members allowed in a clan for UberStrike (that is 12 members in total!). My sincere gratitude goes to everyone for showing their valuable support and interest into joining our small guild. Our guild would have never made this far without the support from every single one of you.

I would also like to welcome our latest and final member, [ SK ] Mike Malibu. Hope you enjoy your stay and please do make yourself at home (even though this is really just an online world).

This unfortunately means that any further application after this will be placed into our shortlist instead of being recruited. We will contact the applicant with the highest ranking in the list first if a spot becomes available in the future.

With this announcement, I would also like to take the opportunity to state what has been changed recently in the website and how we process recruitments.

Firstly, our previous Steam Login API was removed due to incompatibility with the latest WordPress version. For non-techy explanation, this means we had to switch to different login extension, and existing users on our website will need to re-bind their Steam account again. We’ve also added Discord support for those who prefers the superior chatting platform.

We’ve also added a recruitment form for those who prefers filling up stuff instead of talking to us privately. Keep in mind that we’ll still need to contact you afterward for further questions and confirmation. Every staff in our Discord channel will be notified of your submission and its information, so make sure you’re 100% committed into joining our guild. If a spot is available and your submission has received a green light from most of the staff, you can consider yourself as one of us afterwards 🙂

Speaking of Discord channel, yes, we’re also currently building our own Discord server! and jeez everyone just seem to have their own Discord server these days

This is due to the fact that even though every person is required to have a Steam account to play the game, not everyone uses Steam’s social features on a daily basis, and due to its unfriendly limited account restrictions, we have decided to move to Discord as our main communication platform.

Currently the server is still under careful planning and setup, but once we’ve decided its time for us to open the gate, we’ll release another announcement like this along with its details and invite link.

But hey, the title of this announcement sounds like it’s going to be the end.
And I do have to say yes, for now… but it’s only the end of a beginning!

Since UberStrike isn’t the only game that exists on the planet, we’re currently looking forward to branching out soon, but that’ll be another talk for another time. But overall, I never really thought of Sleeping Knights of gaining this many members in such a short period of time. Again, I am so very thankful to everyone for showing their positive enthusiasm for this long. It really is a good start and means a lot to us.

See you in game, everyone!
– [ SK ] Asuna Yuuki

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