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This is a collection of frequently asked questions.
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About the guild

We do not. We are only a fan guild and have no connection between Sword Art Online’s story, studio or characters.

A little bit of a history though, the founder’s in-game name was “Asuna” back when this guild was founded.

We are a small group of people looking for new people with same interests in anime, japan pop-culture or gaming to make friends with, chat and hang out.

The reason why this guild was created is that the founder realized that many people know and belong to multiple groups of friends, but most of them aren’t really connected to each other, and we hope to fix that.

We play a variety of games, and are never really fixated in one. The reason being is our members prefer their own types of games, and we figured being versatile is a good thing.

At the time of writing, we are currently playing Genshin Impact.

Thank you for your interest!

You can start by joining our Discord server and talk to our members there, or by filling out our application form.

We require applicants to be semi-fluent in English as it’s our primary communication language, but if you are reading this section and have no problem understanding, it shouldn’t be a concern!

Though, we process applications based on staff-agreement basis. Fear not, if you hang out in our server often you’ll be invited by everyone naturally 🙂