Guide on Getting Minecraft (if you don’t have it)


If you’ve stumbled upon this guide, I just wanna say thank you! It means you are interested in joining our Sleeping Knights Minecraft server and I truly appreciate that.

Installing the game and getting it to run for the first time is a very simple process, so don’t fret, there’s no kind of hacking skill needed! (Unless you don’t fancy on clicking buttons and following instructions…)

Step 1: Download, install and run TLauncher from their official website:

Step 2: If it’s installed correctly and everything is working fine, you should be greeted with the screen below on your first launch. Since TLauncher has their own skin system (and it’s crappy), we’re going to disable that first.

On the bottom left corner, check the box that says “Accounts”, click the dropdown above it and Select “Configure accounts…”

Step 3: Now uncheck the box that says Use skins TLauncher  as shown below:

Step 4: Click the back arrow and that should take you back to the main screen.
Now you can uncheck the “Accounts”  checkbox and insert any username you want into the “User name”  textbox.

Next, click on the version list next to the username checkbox and match the version to what our server is currently running.

Hint: You can check what version our server is running on our website.

Your selection should say something like “Release 1.x.x”

Step 5: Now you can launch your game and get into our server by clicking “Add Server”  in the game menu.

Note: Our server uses a third-party plugin that require users with non-mojang account to secure their account with a password. Just follow the instruction in chat when you join the server.

And that’s all of them! If you need help or have questions related to the server, support is available via our Discord server.

If you’re a mancraft of culture you can install OptiFine, a minecraft optimization mod that lets you run shaderpacks, which lets you change your minecraft graphics and fix FPS issue.

Head over to optifine download page and download the version that matches the server version you want to play on. Download one of the many Minecraft shaders available on the interwebs (such as BSL) and copy the zip file into :



Then, select OptiFine in your launcher and you should be good to go.

Shader can be enabled in Options > Video Settings > Shaders

If you enjoy Minecraft, I highly recommend legitimately purchasing it via their official website. As a server owner, I feel like Minecraft is the best way to encourage my friends to spend time with each other as you get to choose how you play it, what to do and explore. Limiting my server to only people who legitimately owns the game does not feel very welcoming to people who want to try it out, and not everyone has $30 to spend on a single video game. Just consider this paragraph as a disclaimer that by doing this, you are indeed pirating Minecraft and its content. As whether it’s worth or not to pay for it, you get to decide for yourself. 

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