Sleeping Knights

RPG-themed Minecraft Server

Better Interactions

Support for shops and NPCs.
Sell your unwanted items for third-party currency, pay or receive money from other players.


Isekai Survival

Jump into a world where everyone starts from zero. This is the classic Minecraft everyone loves.


What's Included:

  • DefensiveTurrets - player-purchasable automatic sentry
  • CrackShot - weapons, explosives and armory
  • Dynmap - Live web-based map view
  • GriefPrevention - land claim and griefing protection plugin
  • PvPArena / MobArena - PvP and PvE plugin combo
  • WorldEdit - in-game world editor

  • and many more.

List is subject to change. Access to certain plugins may be role-restricted.

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Server Location: Germany, Europe
Version: 1.16.1 (Paper Server)

Live map view available via Dynmap

server status

Additionally, you can join our Discord server for latest server status updates