Guild Timeline

Sleeping Knights Founded

Sleeping Knights was created as a clan in UberStrike (known as Project UberKill) by [ SK ] Asuna Yuuki with a co-founder named [ SK ] Remilia Scarlet.

[ SK ] Cake joined guild
[ SK ] poggers joined guild
[ SK ] Fluctus, [ SK ] Apollo joined guild
[ SK ] SirWolk joined guild
[ SK ] Miku joined guild
[ SK ] -Golden joined guild
[ SK ] Miku left guild
[ SK ] Azumi joined guild
[ SK ] Neontris joined guild
[ SK ] Neontris joined guild
[ SK ] Mike Malibu joined guild
[ SK ] Mike Malibu left guild
Sleeping Knights ended Project UberKill journey

Sleeping Knights moved away from Project UberKill due to decline in community quality and lack of support from project staff. All clan members in the game were awarded the title UberKill graduates.

Sleeping Knights Azur Lane guild founded

Azur Lane guild for Sleeping Knights was founded in Lexington server.

Tigris, Cake joined guild
Sleeping Knights Minecraft server was founded

Minecraft for Sleeping Knights was founded. Server address was publicly announced for anyone to join and play.

NBS joined guild
Xerlef joined guild
Minecraft server End of Life

Official running instance of Sleeping Knights was closed.

An adventurous journey begins

Dedicated channel for Genshin Impact was created in the Discord server